The corner

The corner of rooms has intrigued me from the very beginning of this project, it is a section of every room that seems irrelevant or uninspiring, simply a functional piece of the architecture and not important to the space at all. However, there is something about the corner that is endless and has a sense of mystery. I see the corner as a space in between, it is forgotten and unimportant yet possibly one of the most important aspects of a building, these ideas create a sort of irony or void of understanding and the true reality of the corner.

Sculpture made from chip board, painted, charcoaled and glued to create the corner.

Reflection: recreate but without the actual corner itself, this would challenge the notion of the corner even more. This corner is transportable, the idea that I can take this corner everywhere and move the void but this can’t really be done with a corner in reality in a used house or building, what is a ‘corner in reality’ in conceptual psychological terms?


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