The Wormery of Today

For some reason, I have always had a strange desire to create a wormery.

Simply because I have always imagined it to be very visually pleasing and in a way could act as a painting or drawing. The artist builds the platform and the worms make the art. It is my most recent example of challenging the notion of drawing and it is arguable better than what you’d typically imagine a drawing to be like; pencil or pen or a painting. I guess in a fairly innocent, experimental way I wanted to make an image (the wormery) that pushes the boundaries of what drawing is and attempt at making it more exciting by giving it a living energy and element of constant change. Imagine waking up every morning to a new image carved out purely by the worms, a non censored image made entirely from nature.

It was a great way of practising the skill of welding and learning a lot about the technicalities of perfect measurements, joining at angles, using different tools and machinery.

In addition to its physical appearance, I felt it was the time to make my wormery as I could link it to ideas in my work. The layering element of the sand and earth are direct representations of our planet and by involving objects or pieces of objects from our everyday lives in the layers, I am suggesting certain things about their relevance: the batteries represent our chemical useage, the glass our material use and waste, bottle cork the luxury we indulge in whilst using these resources, the pennies for the amount we focus on the economy, the watch to remind us of how little time we have to sort out these issues and the mirror to reflect on this.


Although I learnt a lot from the processes involved in making this piece, I am aware of its very literal translation from my ideas into the physical work and know I need to develop my concept and look deeper into object representation and language.

On the other hand, it is a very serious and important matter I am referencing here and sometimes it feels pathetic to make such a huge issue that needs addressing fast into a fairly pointless piece of conceptual art that may take me months or even years to come up with. Where as if I’d presented work as direct as this within that time, I could have opened the eyes of many people who could also help fight for the cause and therefore reduce the effects we have on the planet. It is a topic that everyone in the world needs to be aware of and start making changes to the way they live so I naturally consider the advantages of presenting something more obvious and simplistic to an audience that may not want to invest time into discovering and unpicking a piece of conceptual art that they don’t necessarily care about.


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