LOST is an in between

Here, I am exploring the concept of being in the ‘in between’. In this case, the experience of being lost is addressed as the ‘in between’.

Being lost is when you experience being somewhere you have never been before (psychically or mentally) , you have no memories of this place, spacial understanding or awareness and instantly after the realisation of being somewhere completely unrecognisable or unfamiliar, we instinctively begin to try working out where we are. Looking at the idea of being lost in this way paints it as a kind of void when you consider the empty feeling at the specific moment in time when realising you are lost.

I got a friend to drive me blindfolded somewhere I’d never been before so that i could experience it myself. I documented the whole performance/experience through voice recording, automatic writing, video and collection objects from the surrounds of this in between moment.

Reflection: If I were to ‘get lost’ as another experiment/performance then I don’t think I’d include myself within the documentation video, it seems more surreal without the inclusion of myself there, plus it forces you to focus on the voice and sound over the video which I think would improve the outcome.


Psychedelic Helston Cornwall

A short film I made about an arts event in Helston held on the 29th October called Samhain. Here they showed some original art films from the 70s, musical and art performances, all of the evening was amazing, it was held in an old school house still decaying and unchanged, currently being turned into art studios. The small organisation that hosted the event are called CAST (Cornubian Arts and Science Trust), here is a link to their website: http://c-a-s-t.org.uk/

The entire evening was surreal and strange, psychedelic music and lights, foliage hanging from the ceiling, people dressed up doing strange things. All performances were extremely intriguing to me, I’d never been to something like this before with pagan vibes and REAL ART PERFORMANCES! Extremely inspiring and has encouraged me to want to do art performance myself.

Psychedelic London short film

As a result of my first video about the spaces in between, some feedback I got was that it seemed psychedelic and surreal, there for during a study trip to London I decided to make an experimental video throughout the trip then see how I could edit it afterwards:

Reflection: possibly shorter cuts to see whether I could build more tension or interest for the viewer, I tried to create a hypnotic kind of motion about it to lure the viewer into a sort of trance, working out what the images were and whether there was a narrative or not. It does appear bizarre and it was a good opportunity to improve my video skills and explore editing.

Creating sculptural space

Short video about actually creating spaces in between, through perception, light and movement. Your perception of the first shot can create multiple understandings of the dimensions of the sculpture and as it goes on you come to terms with what you believe is physically there and what’s not, there for create your own understanding of space. In the second shot the shadows of the attached triangles continuously create the visible spaces that are constantly changing in size, and length. In the final shot, I remove the pieces of triangular chipboard that were originally making the ‘spaces in between’ and as I remove them, further spaces in between are revealed when the glue peels off.

The corner

The corner of rooms has intrigued me from the very beginning of this project, it is a section of every room that seems irrelevant or uninspiring, simply a functional piece of the architecture and not important to the space at all. However, there is something about the corner that is endless and has a sense of mystery. I see the corner as a space in between, it is forgotten and unimportant yet possibly one of the most important aspects of a building, these ideas create a sort of irony or void of understanding and the true reality of the corner.

Sculpture made from chip board, painted, charcoaled and glued to create the corner.

Reflection: recreate but without the actual corner itself, this would challenge the notion of the corner even more. This corner is transportable, the idea that I can take this corner everywhere and move the void but this can’t really be done with a corner in reality in a used house or building, what is a ‘corner in reality’ in conceptual psychological terms?

First film ‘Moments in between’

So this is my first ever short film where I have tried to capture moments and elements of our lives that are often found in between daily functions. You can see the more obvious ones like waiting for the sink to fill up or conceptual ones like blinking, the hinges on a door or the breath before speaking. With regret I filmed on my iphone but in some ways I feel like it adds to the bizarre feel of the outcome.

Reflection on work:

Psychedelic, creates tension, anticipation, surreal, uneasy, expectation, ambiguous waiting, foresight, sensory, suspense, tempo, the almost, something new.