Going ‘Live’ Video

As I uploaded this video to youtube, I had a notification on the side of my computer screen that said, “your video will be live at:” and then showed the URL of the video. The whole point of this video piece is to encourage the viewer to question the relevance of the word ‘live’ and what it truly means rather than what it has newly become in terms of digital technology.

It is so common to express ourselves as being ‘live’ on Facebook or Twitter and other social media, or on TV, Radio, live chats, live footage,live, live, live, live, live. We are obsessed with being ‘live’ but where is the ‘living’ reality of this? Where’s your life gone? I think we all forget how the word ‘live’ is directly linked to the words: live, life, living, lives, lived and alive, all words obviously talking about a state of reality where one is experiencing, feeling and learning. However, it is now used to describe quite the opposite – living through technology – live through technology, and this so normal. The word has been mutated and changed to describe a complicated man made network of signals and wires that are in no way alive at all and it’s likely that the way the majority of the public who witness ‘live’ TV or ‘live’ Facebook stories are just staring at a screen and sitting down, living a life through technology but aren’t really living at all, just festering between comfy cushions and consumerist products.